Another very hot day so our owners decided to take us to the water for a while so that we could soak our hooves.  This is very good for us in long spells of hot dry weather - doesn't happen much up here in north Scotland.
 After a few minutes of paddling, it got a bit boring.  I thought I would go a little further out to cool off.
 Seemed silly to stop there, so I decided to go a bit deeper
 Just after this point, I had my whole head under for just a few seconds.  My owner said she has never seen a horse do that before.
 She was a bit worried so waved to Stuart to bring me in - what a party pooper!
 Meanwhile, Hal was amusing himself by splashing
But even he got a bit carried away!


  1. awesome, I would love to do this with my pony.

  2. Special memories to store for dark winter evenings - Clare, hopefully you will do this one day, - Mulees, it is THE best!


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