Today was humilating!  You'll find out why in a moment.  Here is Harry's owner coming to play with that dreaded ball.
Harry's not bothered about it.  He's a bit of a quiet show-off!

 Here I am minding my own business. . . . . . . .
 When the bl**** ball comes and hits me up the backside
 I legged it as fast as I could - while Harry stood as still as a statue
 I managed to find a far away corner and hoped that no one had been watching
But no doubt Harry will spread it round the herd this evening  - and it's my 12th birthday today too.


  1. Looks fun. I have a giant soccer ball that I play with.

  2. I think that ball was giving you your birthday spanking. Happy Birthday Major!

  3. I'm right there with you when it comes to giant balls. You just can not trust them! There is one living in my paddock. A hideous purple thing. Always moving here and there. And whenever it makes a move and escapes the paddock my stupid owner throws it back in!

    She tortures me with it too! She promises me cookies when I touch it with my nose, she knows I just can not resist a cookie! Oh the indignity!

  4. Poor boy - that's one thing you do not want many returns of!

  5. awwwww never mind Major. You do tell a good story though. Oh I thought your birthday was last Monday! so i was a week early. Happy birthday again.

  6. I forgot to tell you Major. We were out geocaching (again) this morning and one of the places we took a walk to had two beautiful Clydesdale horses pulling a cart with hay bales as seats for folk to ride on. If our little granddaughters had been here we would have been on there like a shot, it looked fun.

  7. Major thanks everyone for their birthday wishes!

  8. I want a ball to play with. It's my birthday soon I will be 18 is that too old to have one? Now how do I let my human know what I want?


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