The weather wasn't good on Saturday so I went into the school with two friends and practised some of the Le Trec course being held here in a few weeks time.
 I had to do a figure of eight, keeping as close to the jumpkin as possible but not touching it otherwise I would not get any points.
 Here I have just finished walking backwards between the poles without going over them.  My owner was very pleased with me and is giving me a big pat to say well done.
 Enhausted after all that brain work!
 Today was a lovely day so we rode up to the Kennels where all the bracken is turning orange.
 Parts of this ride are in quite dense woodland so it gets very dark in places.  It can get a bit spooky coming out of the sun into the dark.
 Especially when you meet unexpected people on route.  It is part of the Great Glen Way so there are always lots of cyclists and hikers.  Most are very friendly but some think they are being kind by hiding in the bushes till I go past.  This is very scary when I suddenly notice them, especially if they are not moving!  My owner stopped to let me have a good look at these people.  One of them was mending his bike which was turned upside down.  Notice my ears are turning towards my owner.  That's because she was telling me I was a good boy for not being scared.
 Parts of the track were very wet because it had rained so much the night before.  It was also very windy which kept me on my hooves a bit!
 Stopped to look at the view from time to time.
 On the way home past the big houses on the Clunebeg Estate.
 Only two fields away now.  I've relaxed more because I know I'm nearly there.
 My owner gave me a nice brush and a carrot before putting me out.
 The carrot was quite big so it took me a while to munch it.
That's it for another week.


  1. Ooooh Major I don't like dark areas, I spook myself easily lol.
    You are very good though, i love it when we meet horses out on the trail geocaching, One time 2 ladies asked if we would hide our hiking sticks as one of the horses was scared of them....bless.....so we stood close to the bridge with the sticks behind us. They all passed by safely and said thank you. X

  2. gorgeous place to hack out! I'ld love to go do the 'trec'. we had a training day once was great fun.

  3. Dont know how you find the time to be so laid back!


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