Tonight I took part in a charity event for Riding for the Disabled. The school hosted a non-stop riding lesson starting at 10.00am and finished at 6.00pm. When I first heard about this last week I thought I would be ridden all day without a break but I my part only lasted for one hour! I think other schools all over Britain were doing similar things.

My owner was very pleased with me because it was the first time she'd ridden me in the school with other horses in my bitless bridle. I was quite excited and kept trying to overtake the horse in front so my owner asked if we could take the lead - then I was perfect!

No photos this time - too busy doing my job!


  1. Good on you Major! My DOR is the director of special services for her school district, she makes sure all the special needs students get what they need. Seems like we have things in common. Your dapples even look a bit like spots.

  2. What a fun thing to do for a charity. How many horses did your Mum take; or did she not make it past an hour either? Doubt I could either. Have not been in the saddle in two years....

  3. Major, not only are you handsome, you are charitable too. What a good boy you are. Very impressive.

  4. phaedra, I only took Major! I don't normally have lessons so I was worn out by the end! The event raised £5000 (UK) by the way.


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