My final tribute to Major on this Christmas Eve.  He has been dead almost six weeks and I miss him every single day.  Run free lovely boy.

Major - My Horse of the Year 

Only a horse?  Well that may be,
but so much more than a horse to me.
A horse in a million – I know that sounds trite
but this perfect description fits him just right.
I don’t begrudge all the money I’ve spent
on this dear horse, from Heaven sent,
honest and brave, my trusty steed
out riding, he would take the lead
when others stood and would not budge
he’d walk straight on from the slightest nudge.
Frequently, he’d play the clown
in the outside school by lying down,
and there he’d snooze without a care
causing folk in passing cars to stare
at what it seemed was a dead horse
but no, it was only Maj, of course.
By Loch Ness shore he’d like to ‘paddle’
deep enough to reach the saddle,
but most of all he loved to swim
when, striding out, no stopping him,
the Monster, though, we didn’t see
(always a relief for me).
Not always such a perfect horse,
his halo sometimes slipped, of course,
as on one ride high on a hill,
no breath of wind, the air was still,
and there we’d stopped to stand and blether
but he dropped down to roll on heather,
me still on board!  Laugh?  I did not!
and his excuse, ‘Well, I was too hot!’
Always gentle, always calm,
incapable of doing harm,
friend to old ladies, strong men, tiny tots,
nothing phased him, not one jot,
he took all things within his stride,
a pleasure to be with – a pleasure to ride.
For eight short years he brought me joy,
my handsome, gentle, generous boy,
my dearest buddy, special friend,
his life cut short, too brief an end,
still in his prime, he seemed so strong
but that awful day, he proved me wrong.
So every day, I question why
 this wonderful pony had to die.
It is so, so hard to say goodbye.
So this Christmas Eve, the tears still near
I say thanks to my beautiful ‘Horse of the Year.’

Wishing all Major's blog followers and friends a very Merry Christmas and happy 2015 x


Major R.I.P

Just to let you know that Major died today.  I have lost the most wonderful friend.  He was a horse in a million and my heart is breaking.  Thank you all for your lovely comments over the years.  Janis xx


 After our 15 minutes of fame, I joined Harry and Hal and their owners for a walk along the fields to find some sun.  We live on the shady side of the bay and don't get the sun for most of the day from mid November to January.

 Of course, we had to stop while the owners took photos.  I took this all in my stride now that I'm famous!  I see here that Harry was allowed to have a bite to eat - though it's very cold on the lips with the early frost.
 Here is me with my owner.  Yes, I know I don't look as good as I did for the filming but if you lived outside I doubt you would be looking very clean either.
 When we finished our pointless walk to the ends of the fields, we turned and came back, where the sun has finally reached the stables and colour had returned.
 Looking a bit grumpy as valuable eating time was being used up
Come on everybody - it'll be lunchtime soon.


Major sighting at Loch Ness turns out to be m̶o̶n̶s̶t̶e̶r Rehomed Horse ...

Well, here it is at last.  I can reveal my closely guarded secret.  My owner is very proud of me and wanted to share this with all my equine friends.  Don't tell anyone, but it took a whole day to get me looking this clean for the cameras!  I hope you all enjoy it


 Just chilling out in the late summer sun with my little Labradoodle friend, Cookie.
Waiting for the farrier to arrive soon.


 For the last few days I have been sweating even just standing still so my owner decided it was time I had a haircut!
Okay, it's not the trendiest clip but it does the job for now!


After all the filming yesterday (all will be revealed soon), it was good to get into the water on such a beautiful late summer day.  When my owner came up this morning, I was sweating in my stall.  If this weather continues, I may need to be clipped!


 Now, you may find this very hard to believe by looking at this photo but I am SO EXCITED!  However, my owner has forbidden me to utter a word about it as she has been sworn to secrecy for the time being but all will be revealed in a few weeks.  In the meantime, here are a few photos of what I've been up since I last spoke:
 Looking a bit grumpy here because I was having a little doze when Rodney came in to do some work and disturbed me
 Up on the hill chilling out
No comments about my weight please.  It is almost the end of the summer and I am storing up the blubber ready for a hard winter!  Remember to keep looking in till I reveal all. . . . . . . .  .


 I was standing minding my own business earlier today when I felt a little thud on my back.  Something had landed and it didn't go away.
My owner  said it was a baby swallow that had just come out of the nest.  It had been sitting nearby for a while while its mum flew down to feed it but then decided it would have a go at trying to fly.  I happened to be a handy landing point.
 The trouble was, it made itself very comfortable which meant my owner didn't want to continue brushing me.  It was very tickly and kept making me twitch but I didn't mind really, though I was hoping it wouldn't poo on me!
After 25 minutes, it flew off and landed on a nearby roof so I could move again.  Safe journey, little swallow. 


 The weather has been hot, hot, hot these last few days.  Not good for me because I have already started to lose my summer coat and I'm growing my winter one.  My owner always complains that I hang on to my winter woolies till May, then start growing a new set in mid July.  So would you if you lived in the North of Scotland!
 Anyway, she's been quite kind to me and has appeared at the yard very early in the morning to get me ready so that we can start riding just after 9.00am before it gets too hot.  We've been going on the same route a) because there are no hills to tire me out, b) because it is much cooler in the woods, c) because there are fewer flies, d) because at the end of the ride we get to go through the Loch - my favourite place of all.
 Before we get to the Loch we usuall have to cross two small rivers.  Today, one of them seemed to have disappeared!
 At least there's always plenty of water in the Loch.  My owner likes to stand on this part before we go across because she says the view is good for her heart.
 Okay, ready to dip in the first hoof.......
 And off we go.  She's been letting me stand in the middle of the water, as long as I promise not to try and roll.  No would I think of doing such a thing. . . . . .  .She has never let me forget the time I rolled in the heather on a particulary hot day on the moor, when she was on top.
 When we got back there was a very nice surprise waiting for us.  Little 5 month Holly had come to see me and it was her first time sitting on a horse.
She seemed to enjoy herself because she was very smiley and happy so I told her she could come back again any time.  I think I'm getting a day off tomorrow.  All this hard work takes its toll.


 Hello again and apologies from my owner for not keeping her promise of updating my blog regularly.  Her excuse is that since she retired, she is busier than ever, although she still seems to find the time to see me everyday.  I'm looking forward to MY retirement.  My work seems to have increased since hers stopped.  Just look at me in the top photo.  Absolutely exhausted from carrying her up all those hills.  Someone ought to notify the horse charity immediately.
May was not a very good month for weather.  The grass took a long time to come in and I lost quite a bit of weight.  For some strange reason, this seemed to please my owner and even Sarah, the farrier, told her that I my weight was perfect.  All these humans are in league together on the issue of weight.  I see nothing wrong in carrying a few extra pounds.
 Anyway by the end of May, I was looking quite streamlined (for a Highland Pony).
 Since the, the weather has got much warmer and the grass is lovely and lush.  You can see the difference in my belly here while I'm waiting to cross the loch.  This is our favourite ride.  Nice and flat, lots of splashy water to cool us down when it's hot.
 I still lke playing in the school with my equine friends.  This one is Rodney.  Here we're staring each other out to see who is gong to make the first move.........
 .....then the fun really begins.  (You can get a good view of my belly in this picture!)
 Here, I'm with Hal, practising our trotting together
Then it's always good to end with a thorough grooming session - the harder the better!
Hopefully see you all again soon!


 It was my birthday yesterday (24th April).  I was 15 years old.  These pictures were taken the day before, however, because my owner was not able to come and see me on the day.  I was a bit put out about this.  I've already had a good moan about the lack of posts on my blog in the last few months - missing my actual birthday was the last straw.
So, I just had to sing the birthday song to myself as none of my friends were around to join in either.  Please feel free to add your voice if you want to:  Ready?
          Happy Birthday to me
          Happy Birthday to me
          Happy Birthday dear Major
          Happy Birthday to me..........
Thank you!  I'm sure I could hear some of my equine friends as far away as America joining in.  Just let me know when it's your turn and I'll happily neigh along.


 At last!  I have been asking my owner for weeks to update my blog.  The last time I wrote was ChristmasEve.  People have even been asking if I am ok!!  My owner retired at Christmas and she is moaning that she hasn't had time to keep it updated.  I thought retirement was meant to give you more time.  I can safely say that it has NOT given me more time because she has been to see me EVERY DAY since then.  I have been working SO hard. . . . . .
 For example - look as me here - absolutely exhausted after my owner had given me a massage.
 She has moaned that it has been too wet to ride - so whenever we do, we have kept to the village so I don't get my legs any muddier than they are already.
Sometimes she puts me out early.  She thinks she's doing me a favour but I'd rather be inside in the warm with a big haynet (except my haynets are never big, and never full because I am on a constant diet!).  Don't you just feel sorry for me. . . . . . .   Anyway, I've told her that she must go back to posting regularly because I have missed looking at all my friends' blogs too.  It's good to be back!


 It's Christmas Eve and I am wet, muddy, bedraggled and grumpy!  As you can see, my mouth is full.  I use the few hours I am inside to eat as much as I can - so think of me tomorrow on the cold wet hillside while you are tucking into your Christmas dinners! 
I see that my owner has put up my painting already.  That's fine - she can look at it and feel guilty tomorrow. . . . Merry Christmas everyone!!xx


Another surprise birthday/retirement present for my owner, this time painted by one of her friends.  I look rather handsome in this one.  At this rate, I'll be able to hold my own 'Major' exhibition!


My owner has been very busy this month so I haven't had anything to report for this blog.  However, tonight she was at a birthday/retirement meal and two of her friends gave her this painting of me for a present.

My owner is very pleased with it.  She says its messy style captures my look perfectly.  Humm, I'm not sure if I agree with that or not!


 Here is me and my owner just before our ride out this morning.  I am wearing a purple poppy to remember all the many animals who have died in wars across the world.  My owner is wearing a red poppy to remember all the humans who lost their lives too.

I don't really understand humans.  If every single one of them decided not to fight as from today - the world would be a safer, happier place for all of us.


 Nothing beats a good back scratch with a friend
But only a horse friend, so would you mind coming back when we've finished!