My owner spent so long fussing about with my mane this morning she didn't have time to ride me (pity!) so instead she said she would take me down to the school for 10 mins to stretch my legs.
However, on the way down, I stopped in one of my favourite spots for a call of nature only to notice that she was filming the event.  Apparently, because I always perform when she whistles, this is something to be proud of.  I am not proud at all.  In fact, I am very indignant.
I decided I did not want to go down to the school after all because I was now in a huff but because I am on the end of this blue rope, I never get a say in the matter.  Can you see the parts she missed, by the way?  Right up by my ears.
So here we are in the outdoor school.  She'd taken off my headcollar which means I don't have to work very hard.
In fact, I decided it would be a good time to take a little nap so started to have a good yawn.  My owner told me that she didn't have time to let me snooze today because she was going out to lunch.  She had no more than 10 mins before she had to leave.

I was huffy again but I noticed a pony walking back from          
the field so I decided to go and have a look at him.
In the meantime, my owner saw someone she knew too so she
started talking to her.

Well, she was talking for longer than 10 minutes so I took the chance to have a lie down when her back was turned.  She wasn't very pleased when she turned round and saw me.

At first I pretended to be asleep just to annoy her.

But it wasn't long before I was in a deep sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I heard my owner say that she was going back to the gate to get my headcollar so I wasted no time in sitting up and having a good neck roll - all the bits of rubber were nicely planted in my freshly brushed mane - oh dear!
She put the headcollar on me while I was sitting up but just as she started to say 'Up' I decided I was still rather sleepy so had another 40 winks.  I think she may have been late for her lunch - but at least I got my own back for the embarrassing photo.


  1. ,lol lol lol @ Major. That made good reading good on you Major
    ;-) x

  2. Ann, he'll be left in peace for the next week as I'm off to Mull for a holiday!

  3. Rita says she thinks he's a hunk! (With or without the rubber bits)

  4. Sandy, Major will love that description!

  5. Hehe! Brilliant post :)

  6. I thought my Misty girl was a good napper, but you've got her beat Major. If napping were an Olympic sport, you'd win the gold.

  7. Major you are a hoot. That's to funny how you just fall asleep like that. Your a very handsome sleeper by the way!


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