Today started off as a good one.  My owner's friend brought her son to ride me.  I had been warned to be very gentle as he was sitting on me without a saddle and I can be very slippy.  I was on my best behaviour until we got into the big field, then I could not resist the temptation to snatch a few blades of grass.  I blame my owner for my meagre diet during these winter months.  Anyway, as a result, Jillian held on to me quite tightly.
 Then, after lunch, my owner brought me into the yard and announced that it was time to get my teeth checked.  I hate this - well, would you like this huge contraption forced into your mouth to keep it open?
Luckily, my teeth were okay and the rasping didn't take too long.  I'm glad when it was all over though.


  1. Do you like taking human foals out? I do. I like snatching grass when the opportunity presents itself too. Well we have to don't we. My human starves me too. Do you know I don't even get any hay and just a meagre breakfast. We should start a campaign to stop humans starving us. Mine claims I am still gaining weight and don't need it. Well she didn't need those biscuits she ate at the weekend but didn't stop her.

  2. Another one still gaining weight here too!

  3. I have to confess, my own dentist almost has to use one of those gags on me! I hate dentists!

  4. Oh Major! Non of us humans really enjoy the dentist trips either. Glad to hear your teeth are fine.


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