Here, my owner's daughter is riding me.  She's away at university much of the time but very occasionally she climbs aboard.
 My owner had been walking along taking photos but decided to give up at this point as it was getting steeper.  Yet I am expected to carry on with a weight on my back!
In the field beside the stable yard, there has been a group of tups for a couple of weeks.  However,  the farmer has now moved them all somewhere else but has forgotten this one and left him behind.  My owner took a photo of him on her way back.  He is quite friendly and comes close, baaaaing.  I wonder if he thinks I'm his dad (or mum!).


  1. You are just as woolly. He is probably impressed with you and thinks you are one big sheep!

  2. Humans are so lazy and in a lot of cases soooooo unfit. Mine certainly is.
    Oh and she thinks you are so beautiful. Have to say I agree.


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