My owner was quite pleased when she saw me today. 
 I was looking fairly clean and dry considering all the rain we've had since Christmas.
 But then she saw my legs!
Well, nobody's perfect, are they?


  1. Just like my lot covered in Glar!

  2. Hi I'm a show jumping rider from Italy =)
    I love the first pictures!
    keep in touch: www.iconadeironchi.blogspot.com
    fb: www.facebook.com/IconaDeiRonchi

    see you soon =)

  3. Are the pleasures of owning a grey. Even if you were covered in mud you would still be beautiful :)
    Julie x

  4. Wow with your mane over one eye Major you look like Veronica Lake a film star from way back,..................no wait' she was a female! Please say your human has heard of her as well ! X

  5. Yes, I can see a resemblance to Veronica Lake - though I'm not sure she'd be too pleased to be compared to a horse!!


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