The weather has been hot, hot, hot these last few days.  Not good for me because I have already started to lose my summer coat and I'm growing my winter one.  My owner always complains that I hang on to my winter woolies till May, then start growing a new set in mid July.  So would you if you lived in the North of Scotland!
 Anyway, she's been quite kind to me and has appeared at the yard very early in the morning to get me ready so that we can start riding just after 9.00am before it gets too hot.  We've been going on the same route a) because there are no hills to tire me out, b) because it is much cooler in the woods, c) because there are fewer flies, d) because at the end of the ride we get to go through the Loch - my favourite place of all.
 Before we get to the Loch we usuall have to cross two small rivers.  Today, one of them seemed to have disappeared!
 At least there's always plenty of water in the Loch.  My owner likes to stand on this part before we go across because she says the view is good for her heart.
 Okay, ready to dip in the first hoof.......
 And off we go.  She's been letting me stand in the middle of the water, as long as I promise not to try and roll.  No would I think of doing such a thing. . . . . .  .She has never let me forget the time I rolled in the heather on a particulary hot day on the moor, when she was on top.
 When we got back there was a very nice surprise waiting for us.  Little 5 month Holly had come to see me and it was her first time sitting on a horse.
She seemed to enjoy herself because she was very smiley and happy so I told her she could come back again any time.  I think I'm getting a day off tomorrow.  All this hard work takes its toll.

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