I was standing minding my own business earlier today when I felt a little thud on my back.  Something had landed and it didn't go away.
My owner  said it was a baby swallow that had just come out of the nest.  It had been sitting nearby for a while while its mum flew down to feed it but then decided it would have a go at trying to fly.  I happened to be a handy landing point.
 The trouble was, it made itself very comfortable which meant my owner didn't want to continue brushing me.  It was very tickly and kept making me twitch but I didn't mind really, though I was hoping it wouldn't poo on me!
After 25 minutes, it flew off and landed on a nearby roof so I could move again.  Safe journey, little swallow. 


  1. Wow just as well you were there Major as a soft landing for the little swallow.
    And just as well it didn't poop on you after you being so available xx

  2. Aww how cute. I don't have any in my room this year.

  3. Too cute!! What a great job baby/swallow-sitting you did!

  4. Oh, that is so sweet! Sadly my swallows' nests have failed three times in a row. It's lovely to read of a success, and what a good Major just standing quietly to let them get on with their feeding. All very heart warming.


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