Carousels and Donkeys

Nothing but the horse for me when the fairground came to town!
On seaside holidays at Ramsgate, I would spend all the time with the donkeys. It didn't matter if I didn't have the sixpence to ride, as long as I could stand near them. The 'Donkey Man' took pity on me at one point and gave me a free ride as I'd been standing there for so long. I loved their brightly coloured browbands with their names painted on them. I loved their gentleness.
One of my favourite games while out walking with parents and aunts and uncles on family holidays was pretending to be a farmer walking behind his horses while they ploughed the field. They were my horses and humoured me between conversations with an occasional neighs to keep me happy.

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  1. I so know what you mean about seaside donkeys. As a child when I went on holiday, I'd spend the fortnight at the seaside leading the donkeys up and down the sand. It was enough just being close to them. Thanks - you brought back a really happy memory.


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