Boot Camp!

I suspected something was up when my owner introduced me to a person I had not met before. We went into the indoor school where I tried to listen to what they were saying about me. Considering she had only just met me, I wasn't too pleased to hear her referring to me as Left Brain Introvert and very dominant in a subtle way! How rude. She told my owner that I have been quietly dominating her without her realising. I have been sussed!!

Here is my owner doing her best to make me move over from my head. Now she knows I don't like this but she persisted even though I tried to stand my ground. I could see we were in for a long session!

What a cheek! The new person then took over and was much more bossy than my owner. She got me to do things that I really didn't want to do but I sensed she was not going to give up.

After two hours it finally ended.

I have to admit there was an awful lot of me standing round not doing much. The new person says it allows me to assimilate what I have just been shown and that if I stand quietly blinking with the occasional lick and chew, I am taking in all the new ideas. I can see I must learn to perfect the art of blinking in future. Blinking = rest!! and I can live in hope that this is just another phase my owner is going through. . . . . . .


  1. Something tells me you might as well give up and give in...your life might be a little less miserable in the end..

  2. Major sounds like the same kind of camps the DOR and I have been to. The licking, chewing, and blinking are very important. The more you do it the happier the humans are.

  3. Cactus Jack, for some reason I can no longer access your blog.

  4. Boot camp indeed! While you didn't sign up for this caper, I'll be in the long run you find you kinda like it.

  5. You are a quick student Major; you've already picked up on the licking/chewing part. Um, hmm, licking & chewing will get you good grades. So answer the question, then lick and chew, and everyone will be happy and you'll get to go back to resting and relaxing.

  6. Seems like a nice boot camp if one can get away with licking and chewing?

    Do you believe licking and chewing will help out with the collected canter work too?

    Optimistic Happy Easter regards from Charlie
    (who has been working hard this Easter)

  7. Glad to see you are in work again Major. Hope there were plenty of treats involved for good performance! It's been a long winter and we are still not back at it here!


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