At this time of the year it's not much fun when

 a horse lives on the north side
and spends his days gazing across at the south side!  Roll on Spring!


  1. Oh dear that doesn`t look like much fun. Not long now, Major, Spring will soon be here!

  2. Poor sod! Mine face East, all day! on the slope of a hill, hidden all day by the shade of the slope, they dont do too bad! At the top of the hill,where the field gate is, they stand on sunny days for hours!!

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  4. (sorry, had to delete the first comment, such terrible spelling)
    So there's actually a horse at my barn whos' owners recently found out he has pinworms, they're sending some for testing b/c their worreid they might be resistante to certain dewormers b/c his former home didn't rotate brands. So if I hear anything/talk to them, and they've found something that's helping, I can leave you a comment or whatever and it could help, maybe. They sound horried, so I hope Major's free of them soon!

  5. Thanks Chris. I hope we can all get an answer to this problem.


I always pass on yourcomments to Major. He loves to hear them!