I am beginning to doubt my owner's intelligence as it seems she does not understand this sign.  I was all ready to go and watch but once inside I realised I was the participant and there was no audience.  Instead, my owner picked up the very long stick, pointed it at me, which is the signal for me to start walking.  However, apparently I am doing things right because she was  very pleased with me as not only do I walk and trot when she asks, but I canter too.
 She put me out early afterwards as it was such a lovely day.  20 C in the North of Scotland in March is rare indeed so I left no time wasted but got down to what I enjoy most. . .
 Munch munch munch
Thought I'd wander over just before she left to see if there were any more carrots but I'd already eaten the last one.


  1. We must be twins my favourite thing in the whole world is eating as well. Amazing xx
    Are you sure you are not a Dales?

  2. You have to admit it, Major, you don't do badly at all.


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