Here I am posing for my 9th birthday photo. I think I look okay but my owner was fussing about, moaning that my tail was manky and my feathers have almost disappeared with all the wet weather this winter. I am trying to smile for the camera because I know that makes her happy.

Well, I thought I may have got the day off considering it is my birthday but my owner had other plans. Here we are posing in front of the daffodils. It took some while because kept being told to put my ears forward but I'd decided I'd done enough smiling for one day. The birthday didn't turn out too bad though because she rode me down to the bay where I was allowed to eat the reeds for about 15 minutes. That was a good birthday present!

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  1. A very happy birthday wish from the state of Maine... and we "understand the mud thing here".. so we think you look just beautiful!!!! best wishes.....


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