Midsummer Night Ride 2007

Here I am at the start of the Midsummer Ride last year. It was my first time out with so many horses so my owner decided not to take part (she's a bit of a wimp, I've decided). Kirsten rode me instead. It was SO much fun. There were 20 of us and it did get a bit hairy at times. Some of us fancied ourselves as potential Grand National winners and I did not want to be overtaken by any of the mares so I tried to keep as near to the front as I could.

My owner kept appearing around the ride unannounced, pointing that little silver box at me.
I thought this was rather embarrassing as no one else's 'person' came to watch. The expression on my face sums up my feelings everytime she popped up - no prizes for guessing my thoughts here!
We all got back safely but it was way after my bedtime and almost dark. Roll on June 2008!

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