Today I heard my owner saying something about 'training'. Great, I thought, another easy lesson in the indoor school, standing doing nothing. I soon realised that it was not quite what I'd been expecting when she didn't put my saddle on. Instead we went across the river into the woods. That's even better, lots of yummy stuff growing along the sides of the paths, some of it irresistable.

However, for some reason, today I wasn't allowed to eat the yummy stuff. I was lined up against various banks or logs and made to stand still while my owner leant across my back, keeping the reins tight and saying 'Head Up' everytime I tried to snatch a tasty morsel. Even if I moved an inch, I would get turned round and placed in position again. It was very boring and very frustrating. What is grass for, if not to be eaten?

Eventually, I decided it was easier to stand still and stare straight ahead. This seemed to please my owner who started to fish in her pockets for little bits of carrot. To be honest, I would have preferred the hedgerows if she wanted to give me a reward, but, any food is better than no food I suppose!

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