Here is one of my friends, Puzzle. He's quite a cheeky boy and he often joins me when I go out with my owner. He does have a problem though. He doesn't like going out by himself so today I heard our owners devising a plan to try to cure this. Poor Puzzle - I didn't have chance to warn him because we were tacked up away from each other and he couldn't hear me calling.

We went across to the woods and down to the bay. More reed eating. I LOVE this. Then, on the way home when we got to the fork in the trees, Puzzle's owner turned him left but my owner steered me right. I was a bit surprised but not really bothered. I've mentioned many times that my owner is weird so I thought this was just another example to prove my point.

As we wandered along the path, I could hear Puzzle shouting and screaming for me. He definitely suffers from 'little man' syndrome. He acts so tough in the yard and in the herd but put him by himself and he's a big girl's blouse!

I expected him to come flying after us but the minutes went by and although I could still hear him calling, he didn't come looking for me. Eventually, I did a small circuit and there in the distance was Puzzle coming towards me. His owner was fussing over him telling him what a good boy he was. I ask you! He's walked on his own for less than ten minutes and you'd think he'd just won Badminton! Humans are strange.

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