Bye bye Puzzle

I found out today that Puzzle has gone back to live with his owner so I doubt I will ever see hime again. That's the downside of being owned - you don't get to choose your friends and you can't complain if you have a friend taken away. I shall miss him. His naughty ways made me look like a saint!! Bye bye Puzzle. I hope you have a happy life, old pal.


  1. Oh, I love him! Is his owner good to him?

  2. I think so but he won't be ridden as he's too small

  3. Sorry that one of your friends left. Hope he has a great life.

  4. Yep, the tough thing about being a horse these days is that a friend's owner can steal them from the herd and doesn't have to return them. Sorry for the loss of your buddy.



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