I've been lame for the last few days - not so bad that I'm on three legs but still a bit sore. My owner is going to call the vet if I'm not right by Monday. Still, I suppose it gets me off working. I wonder if I could practise looking lame even when I'm not?


  1. Cute post....Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comments jc! I love yours and I can really relate! I KNEW someday I would own horses, saved up my babysitting money for 2 years and bought my first one at 14! I'm following you.... (Oh to see all my "horsey" posts, just go to my tag index.) Lots on my other sites too!

  2. Hope you recover soon.
    I think pretending to be lame when your DOR is around is a good idea.I have tried it and it works, it is even better with props like a bent panel, broken board, or some hair rubbed off.

  3. You be careful Major - or you might be really go lame and that is no fun at all according to Humphrey.


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