My owner seems to have a foot fetish. She is always picking up my feet and examining them and sometimes taking photos! Well, how many people do you know who spend time photographing feet? Humans are weird (my one is, anyway).


  1. Ah Major, ya got one too - a mom who goes all obsessive over hoofs. Since mine started trimming me herself she has taken TONS of pictures. She shares them over at the horsecity.com hoof forum. There's a bunch there who offer pretty cool consultation and I gotta tell you, my feet feel better then ever - oh, mom is taken over.

    Hey JC - all you have to do is right click your mouse and select "save image as". That will save the Butterfly as a photo file to your disk and then you can include it in a blog entry. Gotta say I have found the blogoshpere incredibly fun, informative, and have loved meeting folks across the globe with similar interests - like obsessions with hoofs, lol.

  2. Hi JC, I tried to load this site the other day, but couldn't get into it. Anyway, I love your blog, great photos, and I think Pippa would get on very well with Major, her favorite pastime is eating too :-)


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