Apparently I am sound again. To mark this occasion my owner appeared with my saddle and took me for a 40 minute hack. I didn't want to go as I hadn't finished my haylage so I tried a number of time-wasting tactics once we'd set off, such as pretending to need a pee. It didn't work and we went up the track to Clunbeg. On the way out she was calling me a fat slug but once headed for home, I went into racehorse mode so she shut up.


  1. This made me laugh! I had a Highland, Yeoman, for a while. Pretending he needed a pee was his favourite time wasting trick, especially climbing hills!

  2. Pippas favorite delay tactic is being itchy, if she could I'd be scratching all day!

  3. Doesn't your owner know you are a racing slug?
    Nice deversion tactics

  4. HEE HEE! My 29 yr. young Paint, Rudy often has to pee 2 or 3 times during a trail ride. My friend, Betsy, gives him treats afterwards. His slogan is;"I pee for treats!" See pics of Betsy and Rudy from last week on my web log. He is just a big Thelwell.
    What a character! Just like yours.


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