Lovely sunny, warm day, although I'm still a bit hot because I haven't lost all my winter woolies yet. My owner decided it would be nice to go for a slow amble down to Loch Ness and cross over the bay into the woods. The notice board is for wobbly humans who come to the stables and pay for a ride out. I'm glad I'm not a trekking pony - too much like hard work!

This is the track that runs parallel with the river. Usually we turn down the bank to cross it but today we went straight on and out onto the fields instead.

Just as we reached the field, I saw some pals with wobbly humans on board. They looked as if they were heading the same way as us. I could catch up on some stable gossip.

My owner was pleased because the trek leader did the gate leading onto the bay! I get told off at gates sometimes because I try to have a quick snack while she's faffing about trying to get me to line up properly. I thought we were going to slip in behind the ride so that I wouldn't have to think about any alligators or tigers but instead, I was made to stand at the edge till they'd gone across, then I had to go across all by myself.

When we got to the other side, I thought we would catch up with them in the woods. But no, my owner decided to turn me round and we went back the way we came! Humans are weird!


  1. Maybe your human wanted to just spend the time with you!

  2. It looks like such a lovely day and place for a ride.

  3. What beautitful riding space you have =) and yes, Humans are very weird... always changing our minds!

  4. Major, you are brave to have crossed that river without the company of other equines. I bet your human gave you good support. She doesn't sound like the wobbly kind.

    That sign is very funny. Some humans are not as bright as horses.

  5. I bet your white hair just looks stunning in the water!
    Major, you are awesome...keep putting up with the weird human!

  6. What a gorgeous day in a beautiful place!


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