Today I was minding my own business having a search for haylage outside Kelly's box. Since the grass has started to come through the haylage rations have been cut right back and a growing horse needs to fill his stomach.

Kelly seemed okay with me being there so I carried on picking up stray bits of straw. I even felt her touch my neck so I thought she must be feeling friendly

I looked up to say hello and she said some very rude words to me. It's not just humans who are weird. Mares come a close second too!


  1. yes, mares are moody!!
    and happy birthday!

  2. Yep, mares are just plain weird!

  3. Mares are definately moody. Pippa is feeling very stroppy at the moment, there's a new mare at the yard, and she is not amused!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. I've been browsing yours and am sat here in floods of tears reading about Jock and Major, it's all so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing.

    Kim x

  5. LOL I think all males of all species think females are weird... and they're often right! ;-)

    Thanks for popping by my blog to say hello. I forgot you lived in that area. I'm feeling so envious now! IMy husband's mom went to school in Drumnadrochit. It's such a lovely area, but then there are so many gorgeous spots in Scotland.

    How funny, the word verification is... BRONC!


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