Very sad day

Today is the day I was hoping would never come. Caroline, my owner's daughter has rented a house approx 12 miles away from our yard and so she has decided to move Dylan to the field beside her house too. My owner is also very sad because she has looked after Dylan all the years that Caroline was away at university training to be a vet. She said it is just like saying goodbye to a child.
So this morning, for the last time, we were taken down to the outside school were we played our last game of 'stallions'.
Bye bye Dylan - I'm going to miss my bestest Bud. I hope Caroline brings you back for a visit now and then.


  1. Oh Major, that is very sad. Hopefully you an Dylan can get together from time to time. Dylan looks like a good friend.

  2. Aw, Maj, I`m heartily saddened by your news and feel so sad for you and your owner.

  3. Major I am so sad that your friend is leaving you. But it is nice that Dylan will have his girl back.
    Hope you find another good friend to play stallions with.

  4. Parting is such sweet sorrow...

  5. Oh, Major. I hope you can find a new playmate soon. You will be so lonely.

  6. Saddd Major...truly~ My Wa does get to see her vbestest of Lead Mare's about once or twice a year...you too will see your four hooved friend!


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