When she's not with me, my owner likes to visit the HPEC Forum to see what all the other Highlands are up to. Today there is a post asking if your horse speaks to you. I fancy myself as the strong silent type, although I usually acknowledge my owner by giving little nostril quivers when she first appears. If I do speak, it's usually with a soft low voice. Just wondering what sort of voices all you other neds have?


  1. Is this the same horse at the top? I love the dapples.

    Each of my horses have a different sign that they see me. One tosses her beautiful mane, one nickers, one kinda mumbles a low greeting, the fourth like to come kiss me.

  2. My horses all speak differently. I have one that gives me a low Barry White rumble everytime he sees me and one that give a high pitched squeal, along with all the variations the others have. Always makes me happy when I hear one of my horses talk to me

  3. Abbey likes to rattle the stable door with her knee...I've not been given a verbal greeting yet.


I always pass on yourcomments to Major. He loves to hear them!