As my followers know, my owner is obsessed with my weight. Here I am having to endure the indignity of the weekly weigh-in. It's not even done under cover of the stable. Oh no, I have to be measured out in the yard in full view of all the mares. At last, today my owner seemed to be satisfied that my 464kgs was a respectable weight for a chunky Highland pony. Of course, the grass hasn't really taken a hold yet so things could change pretty quickly. . . . . . . . sigh.


  1. I think our humans should have to weigh in at the center of an arena filled with spectators if they expect us to be taped in public

  2. Let's just say 'pleasingly plump and have done with it, shall we?

  3. Poor Major. How undignified! I would not want my middle measurements photographed. ;-)

    could you email me? I want to ask about horsey stuff that's too long for a comment box. My email is a googlemail.com one.

    The address is...michelle.worc


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