Out for a very brief ride today (my owner was walking beside me because of her 'unofficial dismount' last weekend!) when we spotted something ahead in the field.
 It didn't seem bothered by us but I'm glad I wasn't too close to those antlers.
He must have decided we were scarey because he started to trot off in the other direction.  However, when we came back that way, he was back again eating grass.  He's lucky.  He gets to eat as much grass as he likes whenever he wants!


  1. Nice Antlers!........Sorry to hear about the dismount!

  2. Was the dismount voluntary or involuntary?

  3. Definitely involuntary - downhill flat out. Wasn't Major's fault though. One of the horse's we were riding with, spooked and threw its rider then bolted, taking the rest of us with it!

  4. You have very small deer where you live? Whats it doing on your neck?


I always pass on yourcomments to Major. He loves to hear them!