Some of my horse pals are not talking to me today and it's just because of my colour!  They are angry because some of us decided not to come in with the herd this morning and instead we stayed at the very top of the hill among the trees in order to gain more time to eat grass.  However, apparently we were spotted quite easily from the stables below because I stood out among all the brown horses so someone came up on the quad bike and herded us up very briskly!

I've now been warned that if there is to be another 'party' I have to roll in lots of mud first to get camouflaged otherwise I won't be invited (sigh).


  1. HAHAHA! Major- don't be too dismayed, you are creative.you'll think of somethin'!


  2. Oooops. My white horse manages to get grass stains on him, I wonder if you could do that and just look like the pasture.

  3. its very rare for a white horse to stay that colour.
    I am very envious of Majors mane, abbey has rubbed half hers off so it will never be so long and flowing.

  4. Major...you have another award(shorter and easier for ponies to do!)At my place TRAILBOSSHOSS blogspot


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