My owner took me down to the school today to wait for her daughter to arrive.  She was very late getting there so I thought I would snatch 40 winks at the far end.

Let sleeping horses lie is my motto, but no, she had to come over and start fussing my hair

I'd not long had a good roll so all the bits of rubber were sticking to it.  Might start a trend, eh?


  1. Oh Major how nice it is to see you so relaxed around your human

  2. Sweet human girl there...she definitely looked safe enough to keep on -keeping on(the ground!)
    Wa Mare

  3. I love your mane! Even with the rubber bits in it.

  4. Maybe thats what us older riders should wear! Chunks of rubber attached all over us, so that we bounce! Like what I used to do, when I was young!!!!!


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