My owner seems to be spending much more time at my back end nowadays and I know she has been discussing my personal problems openly to the whole world.  Honestly, a horse just wants some dignity!


  1. Major there is no way that you will ever appear to be undignified! Your mum is just worried about you.

  2. Rid of those yet Major?!!!
    You look as though you are walking on water, in the nice top photo! You gotta have powers to do that!

  3. Major, you are a dignified and handsome fellow from head to tail (no matter what's going on under that tail) Hang in there. You'll beat those worms and then you'll see more of your owner at your front end. Happy New Year. May it be a worm-free 2011 for you.

  4. Poor Major. It is for your own good, and once those little blighters are away you will be much happier and so will your mum.
    Gentle hugs


I always pass on yourcomments to Major. He loves to hear them!