Still no improvement so he's back on another stronger course of steroid pills.  If that doesn't work, the next thing will be an enema with wormer so it targets the area more specifically.  He's not that impressed about being put out 23 hours in all this snow that has arrived back yet again.


  1. Hiya, our big gelding has pinworm too. We've wormed him twice in two months but this time we're putting Ekoneem (pure neem oil) over his tail and anus, all around the part under the tail which itches, twice a day for the next two weeks, this oil (others work too) will kill the minute eggs and help stop the pinworm cycle. You can also use Bach flower 'Crab Apple' as an internal cleanser. Remember that pinworms travel at night so the Ekoneem is best used before night.

    Keep the poo picking up regularly and remember the pinworm has a 4 month cycle so be prepared in April ;-)

    Shelley (HorseSavvy)

  2. Oh poor Major......... you ARE having a bad time of it.......bless.
    Ann x

  3. Thanks for that Shelley - I'll look that up. How long has your gelding been suffering?

  4. Poor Major, hope it's sorted soon.

  5. Hi there, thought i`d send you this:

    "Most dewormers are effective against adult pinworms, including ivermectin,
    moxidectin, fenbendazole and pyrantel pamoate, although resistance to
    ivermectin has been reported in some areas.
    Œ There is very little that can be done to treat the irritation of the horse’s
    tailhead directly, but it will resolve on its own once the pinworm infection
    has been treated.
    ΠIf the horse has rubbed its hind end to the point that the skin is broken or
    raw, keep the area as clean as possible and watch for signs of infection
    (e.g. discharge, foul smell). If the area appears infected or does not seem
    to be healing, contact your veterinarian. The horse may need to be treated
    with antibiotics to eliminate the infection" Good luck, however I note that these worms are really not too naughty to a horse. But they look terrible.

  6. Thanks Cheyenne. Yes, apparently they are not much danger to the horse but the irritation caused must be unbearable.

  7. Our gelding must have had the for quite a while, this summer we thought it was sweet itch but realise it cant be this in winter. I remember seeing the tell tale sign of white sticky secretion on his backend but didn't know what it was.

    The neem is very good, pure and antiseptic so good for suffocating worm eggs and good enough to heal cuts, abrasions and open skin wounds. Being able to stop the cycle at the egg stage is good as it will help to not reinfect the grass.

    My vet had jut been to a seminar about pinworms and says there is a bit of an epidemic in Englandshire, they're not harmful to the horses insides luckily but the tail/butt irritation must be horrible for them. Hope Major gets well soon, nothing worse than butt itch! lol ;-)

  8. Aw, poor Major. I hope his irritation is over very soon. Must be a real worry and trial for you.

  9. I'm so sorry Major has a...er...major case of itchy butt. Poor boy. I hope it clears up soon. That is no fun for him or you.
    Major, you are still a handsome fellow, even if you have rubbed your tail a bit.


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