Had a nice surprise this afternoon.  My owner came to see me, even though it is one of her 'work' days.  Nice big juicy carrot, but as usual, the camera wasn't far away. 

She goofed in the first shot though.
That's better!


  1. hee hee you look as if you are shy there Major.
    We were out geocaching last Sunday, on our walk back to the car walking with our hiking sticks we saw 2 riders on their lovely horses. The big horse at the back stopped when he saw us and we assumed they were going into the park. But no!.......... The lady on the smaller horse at the front said to us "Excuse me, would you mind hiding your walking sticks as he doesn't like them"(the big horse) oh bless him......so we hid the sticks behind us against the bridge and on he walked by...... The smaller horse stopped next to me , the lady said he thought I had a treat for him lol........I think we will need to start and carry treats.

  2. Major says he hopes to meet you on a walk one day!

  3. Lovely shot she got of your lucious forelock and peeking dark eyes!
    Always nice- those fruitfull "surprise visits"!


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