The yard where I live is also a large riding school.  Last week, my owner was asked if I could be used for the Annual Show.  This is a competition for all the children who ride there each week.  This year there are too many children wanting to enter so there was a shortage of horses.  At first my owner wasn't sure incase I didn't behave myself with a youngster on board but she agreed in the end.
Here I am before the children arrived.  I am being briefed by one of the instructors that I must be on my best behaviour and not get too excited.  My owner had spent a couple of hours on my mane and tail so I was feeling pretty chilled.
 That is, until I saw the costume I had to wear.  I had to be the Loch Ness Monster.  Once my owner had assured me it wasn't real, I didn't mind it sitting on my back.
 Wish I could have worn a hat like my friend, Morton.  Not sure I'd want a pink one though.

This is me with my little rider, waiting to go into the Handy Pony event.  I wasn't too bad, except I did try and eat the grass a few times as I was going round.

Here I am after the show.  Everyone agreed I had been a very good boy and my owner could breath a sigh of relief!


  1. Well done you! You looked .....different!

  2. oh how we have laughed at your post Major ;-) even though one of my fillings has just come out AND i was at the dentist for a checkup last week grrrrrrr you have cheered me up. I LOVE your costume. And no, a pink hat isn't you :-)

  3. Oh my, I think that you look so handsome..

  4. You are sooo handsome Major!!!
    Well done for behaving so well at the show!
    I quite like the smaller people as they tend to quite generous with their offering of treats!x


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