My friend Tansy will be 18 on Friday ( I use the term 'friend' quite loosely as she has been known to show me her heels if I get too close to her rear end).  Here is her birthday present all wrapped up, waiting.

I'm not sure that Tansy can read so this notice may be wasted on her.

Nothing wrong with her sense of smell though.  She looks as if she knows what might be inside.
She's wasted no time tucking in.  Don't suppose she'll share any with me though.
Munch, munch, munch - she's obviously enjoying herself
She's a bit of a pig.  Hasn't come up for air yet. . . .
Still going strong. . . . .
. . . . and ready for the next bale!
Happy Birthday Tansy!


  1. How long did it take you to shoot that sequence - love it!

  2. Oh! Excellent!......That was a very clever post!Lol.

  3. oh bless...........Happy birthday Tansy.....looks like you enjoyed your present ;-)

  4. What a wonderful present for Tansy

  5. Tansy would have enjoyed it better if she'd been allowed to finish it!
    Reb, as there are approx 50 horses on the yard, it didn't take long to shoot!

  6. Heck, she made short work of that! Quasar was wondering what it was as we aren't familiar with ponies having stuff in such nice posh wrappers. I just feed hay from rectangular bales. Is it sileage or haylage?

  7. Foody, I'm not sure what it's classed as. It's made on the farm where the horses stay and everyone calls it haylage!

  8. Ah, haylage. I did wonder. Some say to never feed sileage but then others say it's perfectly alright so long as you know what you're doing. Anyway haylage is the creme de la creme of forage feeds. (Sorry, I don't know how to type accents on letters)

  9. tansy is an odd name for a horse especially since it's a dangerous plant that invades horse pastures in the pacific northwest.

    i wonder if you guys have lucerne up there?


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