There is a new, young horse a few stalls along from me who has just been bought for the riding school. He seems a nice enough person, although still a bit anxious and wary of the goings on in a very busy yard.  Today, one of the staff came in and went to brush him.  I don't think he saw her as he was eating his haylage so he jumped a little.  She wasn't cross with him but she said, 'Look, you're a riding school horse now.  Just get used to it.'  I was getting my daily groom from my owner at the time and it made me realise just what a lucky pony I am to have someone special to love me.  There are lots of horses that belong to the riding school and although they are well looked after, many of them will never know what it is to have a special person.

Here are some photos of riding school ponies, past and present. Special thoughts to them and to other working horses all over the world. . . . .


  1. as lovely as a one to one is there are many fabulous talented genourous school ponies who have the love and affection of many many little girls, each to who that pony means everything.
    I hope he settles in and gathers a loyal fan club of his own.

  2. Aw.... it sounds as if that riding school person was a bit harsh to the poor new pony. It takes time to get used to anything. I'm sure you are very nice to all of your neighbour ponies, Major. You'll help them settle in and feel at home.

  3. if the horses' bits are not tied to their saddles during every lesson they should be in a better place than the school i experienced. but i understand what you mean about the variety of riders. in this same school the horses were babied and cuddled instead of taught proper manners, what i'm hearing from more than one local is just the way germans are with their animals.


I always pass on yourcomments to Major. He loves to hear them!