After the Spring weather of the past week, Winter came back this morning.  My owner has been walking to the stables recently rather than taking the car (her idea of getting fit!) so today she decided to photograph the route door to door.  It takes her between 10 and 15 mins to walk, depending on whether she trots or not!  Here is the photo taken from her front doorstep.
 She cuts across this field.  I am not allowed to do this - when she's with me, we have to go all around the edge on the road.
 This leads onto the main road where I live in a big stable yard with many other horses.  It's over this bridge on the right hand side.
 This is the view from the bridge, though I don't get to look at it very often when we're out riding as it is on a busy A road and my owner doesn't like to hang around on it.
 Just over the bridge you can see the buildings where I live in the distance.
 But first you have to pass this lovely stack of haylage all wrapped and waiting to be eaten. Yum. . .
 These are the outdoor and indoor schools where my owner takes me to do ground work.  Sometimes I like to have a lie down too!
 This is the sign into the stables.  Looks a little like me, eh?
 Across the road and into the entrance to the stables.
 Up the pony track.  Cars are not allowed on this.  They have to use the little road on the left.
 And straight into the yard. Looking rather deserted today!  We're all inside keeping warm.
 Here's the door to my bedroom which I share with another 8 horses.  That's Tansy looking out from the first stall.
Oh there you are at last!  Hurry up and get me some haylage before I waste away.


  1. That looks like a lovely walk, but I think your owner needs some snowshoes.

  2. Oh, that is lovely, Major. You are a very lucky boy.
    One of my word verification words was 'Ness'. Appropriate, don't you think? Have you met the monster?

  3. Nessie has kept herself well hidden so far!

  4. Major you are a funny boy!! Waste away indeed!! x


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