I didn't see my owner today as she went down to London to be reunited with a friend who she worked with 30 years ago who emigrated to Australia.

 Even though both from London, they set off doing all the touristy things.  But then, of course. . .

 they just had to stroll along Whitehall to the Horse Guards Parade.  What she sees in these big posh horses I just don't know.
 I mean, they don't do much - just stand there looking smug.  Although I think I'd get a bit bored going so long without a munch and the traffic fumes up my nose.
 Then they spotted this.  So no guesses as to where they went next. 
 My owner actually PAID to go inside and look at someone else's grooming kit.  She can see mine every day!
 Even the set-up where the posh boys live looks similar to mine (except cleaner!).
 Here is my owner's friend posing by a dummy horse holding a helmet.
 Of course, my owner had to put it on.  She wouldn't get very far with this covering half her head though.
 Moving on again, she spies another equine in Trafalgar Square.  This one represents all the history that hasn't yet happened.  A sort of symbol for the future.
Then, after that hour's horsey fix, it was back on the tourist trail.  By the way, if you look in the 'How it all began section, you will see my owner at Horseguards Parade approx 55 years ago.  I doubt they are the same horses though!


  1. Just start charging your owner Major to come into your stall by way of extra hay hee hee.
    Lovely photographs, I used to work for Lloyds of London funnily enough in London! many many moons ago. Hope you get lots of cuddles when your human is home.

  2. HA ha! Love the hat pic. I'm not really sure why people like these big posh horses either, with their skinny long heads and legs. Give me a chunky native pony any day.
    What a far cry from your Hielan' Hame, Major. Did she come back talking all posh?


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