Walk in the Woods

This day has been looming for some while,

it was her failing legs and glassy stare that clinched it.

So, with first light and rook reveille

we walked together gently to the woods

where the ground was hard and frosty underfoot

after days of endless rain.

Stopping at familiar points, we watched the frantic river

racing and skidding round widening bends.

We didn’t see our heron, nor hear him call,

perhaps he chose to hide, knowing what lay ahead,

unlike the Fieldfares, whose chit chat could be heard

in distant trees across the bay.

An hour ‘s amble was enough for tired paws.

Wandering slowly home, we saw the sun appear

and put back the colour to this monochrome morning.

By the time we reached our door

we were both part of the glorious watercolour

of autumn’s final day.
 Janis Clark

Bye bye Nellie - run free with no pain.


  1. Your poem is beautiful....

    Our pets are more like our children. I have a 15 year old Jack Russell and he is my best friend.

    Lovely blog. Thanks for allowing me to visit.

    Audrey, Elliot Lake, Canada

  2. awwww bless. We miss our Border Collie so so much, it is now six months since she went to doggie heaven, even writing this is bringing a tear to my eye.
    sending hugs x

  3. Oh no. I wondered when I read the first two lines. I am very sad for you.

  4. I hope you dont mind this?.. All this brought back the vivid memory of a friend of mine. His name was William!

    I lost him many years ago. But like you it is a loss one cannot forget. Best wishes.

  5. So sorry to hear this. It's never easy to lose a friend.

  6. I am so sorry: may she rest in peace, and your heart heal soon.
    Missing my animals (still, after years!), I've loved following your blog.
    Bon courage & greetings from France.
    PS Your friend Dylan looks just like Charlie, the pony I used to share before everything went Seriously Bung.

  7. Rest in peace beautiful Nellie. A very special girl and loved by many Clare and Chris xxxxxx

  8. No words, just soft and gentle hugs.


  9. Oh I'm so sorry about Nellie ((((hugs))))

  10. I just had a thought. You are JC. The poem is by Janis Clark. JC. Is that you? It's a beautiful poem. I wish I had that gift. Have you written any more?

  11. Foody, yes that's me. I write poetry - all kinds. The horse ones are all tagged in this blog. Thanks for your comments.

  12. Sorry, it took me until today to look for your reply. I will now read some poems. Well done. I'd love to be able to write prose, let alone poetry.

  13. I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog page. Your poem is lovely. Thanks for sharing; I look forward to continuing visits :)


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