My owner got back from her few days away on the Isle of Mull and was horrified to see what I had done to myself.
 She does tend to make a fuss.  I wasn't at all bothered by it, not even when she cleaned it up.
 As a result of my wound, she decided not ride me today (must remember that for future).  Instead, she took me into the school where I had a good old scratch.
 Oh, that feels good!
 Mustn't forget the bits under the mane.
 Of course, I thought I'd better rest my hooves awhile.  I haven't done this for the last few days as no one took me down to the school.  If Cactus Jack is reading this, would my bum pass as an honorary Appy?
 I was loving my snooze in the sun but was interrupted by the sound of my owner talking to someone. 
 Whoa - when I looked up I seemed to be the focus of attention for some reason.  It's not as if they've never seen a horse lying down before.  There was a man from Hungary taking lots of photos of me with a very big camera.  I think it would have been polite to have asked me first.  My owner seemed very pleased because he may send some to her.
 Some of the audience asked if they could come in an say hello.  I wonder what my owner would say if I invited people in to look at her in bed.
 Even the dog was having a good stare.  This will have to stop. . . . . . .things are going too far!


  1. Honestly humans just have no sense of privacy do they?
    My human loves looking at the photos of you snoozing in the school xx

  2. Oh Major. WHAT on earth have you done to yourself? Ouch ouch and ouch. Xx


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