Week 2 of my owner's summer holiday and it's another rainy day.  I don't mind this because it means she doesn't take me out.  We've done quite a few 2 hour rides lately so my secret rain dance I did in the field paid off! 
 She had a bit of a moan when she saw I'd rolled in sheep poo.  Another good tactic to waste time while she tries to get it clean.
 She heard that the indoor school was free for 30 mins, so I was whisked off to do some 'free schooling.'  This is when I have to walk, trot and canter round in a circle while she stands in the middle watching me, calling out instructions. . . . . blah blah blah
 A few times right round the edge of the school in both directions
 Then on a 20m circle in the middle.  My owner is trying to get fitter.  I could suggest that she swops places with me.  That might help.
 At last that's over - now what?
 This is where I have to squeeze through a narrow gap - coming forwards and backwards and I must do it very slowly without rushing.
 I have to make sure I am straight when going in backwards otherwise I get a bang on the bum.
 Then we moved on to the ramp. Forward and back on the ramp.  Oh, this is so exciting. . . . .
I'm still not sure about this bit.  Behind me there are two steps and my owner would like me to go down them backwards.  Now I have no problem with steps (up or down) if I'm facing forward but I'm still not happy about putting my legs out into space behind me.  My owner didn't push me though.  This is probably something she'll save for another day. . . . I can't wait.


  1. God bless ya! Never mind, you`ll have some good weather sometime, and then you can roll in the poo again, but this time, do it right! Roll in it proper, not one bit, but two or three, just like my Gracie!

  2. awwww Major. I agree with you I don't like stepping where I cannot see! because knowing me I would land straight on my btm!

  3. We had your rain all last summer. Now it's drought! Trying not to complain as who knows what's next.


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