Second hot sunny day in a row.  I thought you might like to meet some of the horses who live with me.  This is only a few, though.  If my owner walked around looking for all of them she could have been there all day.  There are about 40 of us.
 I am one of these four.  Any idea which one?  No prizes for a correct guess though.
 This is Mr Coblett.  He is one of the leaders in the herd so we tend to keep out of his way most of the time.
 This is Merlin.  He can be quite a grumpy pony at times, though he's okay with me.
 This is Mr Darcy.  He is wearing a special earring that is supposed to keep off the flies.
 This is Todd.  He is fairly new to the riding school and still has to find his place in the pecking order.  He's very quiet and keeps himeself to himeself.
 This is Pia.  He is also quite new but he has a private owner, like me, so does not work as hard.
 This is Sorrel.  For some reason, he really doesn't like me and always puts his ears back if I go near him.  Don't know what I've ever done to upset him but I always keep out of his way if I can.
 This is Moss.  He is a very quiet Highland pony but quite a few years older than me.  He carries lots of people who haven't ridden very much.
 This is Thomas.  He is another privately owned horse and he is VERY tall.  He's not bossy though.
 The horses in this field do not mix with the rest of us.  They are the ones who live in during the winter so they tend to be kept together when turned out.  We think they are all a bit soft as we live outside whatever the weather: snow, hail, sun.  We are tough boys!
Here are the mares.  We are not allowed to mix with them either becaus they get very grumpy and squealy at this time of year, even if we are only trying to be friendly.  But that's mares for you!
Even though we are all very different, have you noticed we all have one thing in common?  It's not too hard to work out.  I'll give you a clue - it's what I like doing best!


  1. Eating! You all like eating lol. IS that you on the left Major?


  2. Yes! You know him very well by now!


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