On Wednesday we set off for a three day break to a friend's farm about 7 miles away.  My owner's friend has a new horse and is keeping him at the farm so we had arranged to meet half way.  The weather was windy and wet.  My owner couldn't be bothered to ride (which I didn't mind. . . . .)so we walked together all the way with another friend, Jillian (who often rides me when my owner is at work)
 We stopped quite a bit to look at the views
 After about an hour I saw a strange horse coming along the track.  As he got closer I heard my owner say that it 'Slippers' the new horse.  He is a Highland, just like me, though much younger.  He's only 6.
 We were both a bit wary at first but he looked quite kind
 Then finally we said a proper hello.  I knew I would like him straight away
 However, that night I had to stay in a paddock on my own just in case Slippers and I did not get on together.  So I watched him from across the fence and we spoke to each other through the night.
 The next day we shared a haynet very politely
 And just generally chilled out together.  We also had a lovely 2 hour ride all round the forest tracks.
 Sadly, it was soon Friday and I watched my owner get my tack ready for the long walk home.  Slippers called to me as I left as he was sad to se me go.
 Jillian rode me for some of the way back
 We stopped and looked at the view again!
 It was a very warm day, today so I had lots of drinks from puddles
 Down the steep hill through the woods
Till we were back in the sheep field once again.  I hope we get to see Slippers again soon.  I think we could be very good pals.


  1. Great pics Major! You are soooo very handsome!

    1. Major says 'and you are very kind!'

  2. Aww Major what a lovely/sad little story bless you. I hope you get to meet your new little friend again very soon. X

    1. Major says that it's a pity he cannot come and live on his yard


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