I have just come back from a long weekend (Fri-Mon) at my owner's friends farm.  My owner said it would be a little holiday for me but I would take issue with this definition.  Read on and you will agree with me.

I went with my pal, Hal and his owner.  I am being ridden by another one of my owner's friends because she doesn't have a horse at the moment since Ginger went away, so I was 'shared' between them.  Here we are about half an hour into the journey.  Still a very long way to go.
 Well, how was I supposed to get across that ditch?  I don't have hidden wings.  My owner had to come and lead me down into it in case I made a sudden leap.

At last we arrived and it didn't seem too bad (I've been here before) because we were put into a very small paddock that had quite a bit of grass.  My owner moaned about this but decided that after one night we would have eaten it all and then the next couple of days we would be rationed (I hope you're beginning to get a clue about this 'holiday'. 
 While we were eating we were watched closely by three of the horses who live there.  I've met them all before.  The brown one has never liked me so his owner put him into the adjoining field for our stay.  That didn't stop him eyeballing us the whole time though.  Don't know what his problem is.
 The next day I met Dolly, a 7 week old Jack Russell.  She gave me a kiss on the cheek which was quite cute.
 With the brown one safely put away, I was allowed to have a stroll around the garden.  I lived here for three months when my owner first got me so it was just like old times. 
 I was reacquainted with Tosca and Tiffiny, the two Shetland mares.  Tiffany seemed very pleased to see me.  A this point, I thought the holiday may just be taking a turn for the better.
 But it didn't last long.  Hal and I were put into the school where there was NOTHING to eat at all!
 We watched Lachie come back from a ride - better watching I suppose.
 But the relaxation ended there.  Hal and I were tacked up and had to go on another long ride.  I thought holidays were all about relaxation and good food.  This one was not living up to the expectation.
 It's all right for my owner to smile - I carried her about everywhere!
 Another day waking up in the now very sparse paddock.  Trust my owner to capture this inelegant rise from my slumbers.
 Off we go again. . . . . . . . . .
 Plaits are not good for my image
Finally, after many miles under our hooves we arrived back home.  Hal and I were looking forward to going straight out in the field with our pals but to our horror, we were put straight into the starvation paddock.  Some holiday that turned out to be.  Just give my back a rub, please Hal.


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