A couple of weeks ago we were just coming back from a ride in the woods when a friend of my owner saw us and came over to take our photo.  I think I look quite good in this one.
 This one was taken in 2009 when I won the Champion Working Pony at the Black Isle Show.  My owner has only just been given the photos by a friend.  I think I look good in this one too!
I look as if I'm about to collapse under the weight of the saddle - and to think, it should really have a stag balanced on top.  I'm glad my owner doesn't weigh as much as that!


  1. Why would you have a stag on your back Major? You look fantastic in the photographs. X

  2. Ann, Maj is wearing a traditional deer stalking saddle designed for working ponies to wear to carry deer off the hill. Don't worry, this was only competition - he doesn't have to work for a living, unlie his owner, whohas to work to keep him in the manner to which he is accustomed!!!

  3. Oh I see. You can tell I know nothing of horses and all their equipment lol . I knew Major wasn't a working horse, just couldn't understand the stag bit, now I know . Thank you. For Major x


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