I am very annoyed about this photo being put on for all the world to see. What's more I heard my owner describing my present condition as resembling an old lady's fur coat: moth-eaten and tatty. A horse needs some dignity! I'd like to see how she'd look if she had to live out on a hillside all winter in all weathers- she doesn't always look that great herself - and she lives in!


  1. Very cute-haha! Dylan is so beautiful! It looks like such a gorgeous place you live in. Thank you for looking at my blog. I enjoyed yours as well!

  2. Ah Major. The horse mom's can be a bit obsessive sometimes. Just when I get my mud overcoat PERFECT mine comes along with the nasty curry comb and scrapes it all off. What we put up with.

  3. What a great photo! From any angle, you are adorable and half of the fun of being a horse is playing in the mud or dirt or snow.


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