I got a big surprise when I came into the yard this morning.  My owner was already there waiting for me.  I should have guessed that it was not going to be a normal day.
Sure enough, everywhere I looked there were horses in all corners of the yard getting washed.  Some  had these sticky things on them
 Poor Todd had his hooves painted - and the colours didn't match
 And all the humans were looking very strange.  Then I heard that there was to be a big event to celebrate 50 years of the riding centre.  Lots of people were invited.  Luckily, my owner had allowed her friend, Melinda, to ride me in a more serious demonstration.  I was to do a pairs dressage with my friend, Tansy.
 We go very well together, don't we?  I'm always a bit wary of getting too near to her though, because she can be very moody.  She wasn't too bad today.  Just a few tail swishes when she was asked to trot!
 As usual, I didn't put a hoof wrong
 And I enjoyed the Scottish music that played while we we doing our show.

 The tone lowered after us.  We were followed by Solace and Rodney, carrying two Smurfs.
 Then my other friends were dressed up like Pony Club ponies
And I'm not sure what this lot were meant to be!It was a good day, though and we all enjoyed ourselves.


  1. That looks like so much fun.... why didn't you get a smurf rider?! You missed out!

  2. Major has his image of Mr Sensible to maintain. A Smurf would ruin it!!!

  3. Good fun for all by the looks of it Major. Looking at the photo of you and your friend together doing your routine I tried to think which one was you Major. I thought you were on the right but then I realised your rider had her sash on a different side to the other rider. Only realised that in the next photo so I could pick you out, x

  4. Ann - Major is a bit put out that you didn't recognise his manly stature. His partner is a mare!!


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