After our 15 minutes of fame, I joined Harry and Hal and their owners for a walk along the fields to find some sun.  We live on the shady side of the bay and don't get the sun for most of the day from mid November to January.

 Of course, we had to stop while the owners took photos.  I took this all in my stride now that I'm famous!  I see here that Harry was allowed to have a bite to eat - though it's very cold on the lips with the early frost.
 Here is me with my owner.  Yes, I know I don't look as good as I did for the filming but if you lived outside I doubt you would be looking very clean either.
 When we finished our pointless walk to the ends of the fields, we turned and came back, where the sun has finally reached the stables and colour had returned.
 Looking a bit grumpy as valuable eating time was being used up
Come on everybody - it'll be lunchtime soon.

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