Everyone's favourite

Jill loaned Teasle, a HighlandxArab, just a few months after I bought Jock. Teasle had worked at the same riding school since he was five years old and he was a firm favourite with everyone. He was well-schooled which unfortunately meant that he was one of the most popular choices for lessons, ride outs and for RDA riders. He was one of the hardest-working horses at the stables so we were all relieved when, in his twenties, it was finally agreed that Jill could part-loan him for four days each week.

It became a joke that whatever the topic of conversation, Jill managed to bring Teasle into it. He was thoroughly spoiled in those last few years of his life but had earned it and deserved every minute of it. I wrote this poem for him a few months after he was 'owned'.


Talked about endlessly and
Enthusiastically by his new owner who
Absolutely believes that
Such a special equine should be
Lavished with adoration and
Everlasting love.

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  1. Teazle must have been wonderful.
    I used to be a volunteer leader for the RDA (where the local branch had their own horses, stables & pastures), & it was astonishing, sometimes, seeing how patient & sensitive the ponies could be.


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